Since March, I am working as graphic designer and illustrator inside SPQI-4BioDx, a research company in Lille, France.

Design for the science is a great challenge, because until now I could not have the chance to do it.
For who thinks that “illustrating science is data, graphs, microscope pictures and more boring stuff”, I publish new and fresh illustrations realized for 4BioDx.

The big, first trouble has been understanding the whole process, the timing, the instruments and the basics of biology.
It has been like a “back to school” time, thanks to PhD Maryse Delehedde and PhD Nicolas Sergeant that patiently have explained me the same concepts and how to represent them, more than ten times. I still have some doubts, but since science is always evolving and the processes as well, I take it as normal.

This is about an analysis process, to verify the quality of human and animal semen samples, using the AKAP4 as the biomarker of sperm motility. All the processes and the kits are property of 4BioDx.
More info on the official site

I would like to thank also Camille Lozano, for her help and patience to let me take the photos inside the laboratory.

Science illustration

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